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How are your prices compared to other design and production companies?

When you do production with us, our hourly rate for design is 799kr. If your order is more than 100.000kr, we waive one day (7hrs) of the total design fee. Our production prices are surprisingly fair, especially considering the flexible quantities we are able to do and the level of quality we deliver. Prices always depend on type of product, how custom it is, which materials you want, and how soon you need your products, but we will always do our best to find the most optimal solution for you.

Do you charge for custom product designs?

If you have an idea of what you need, it is always free to get a an approximate quote for any requested product or project. However, if you need exact pricing for final products or installations, we will need to provide our production with final designs, and that may need design hours, if you don’t already have your design files ready. Our hourly rate for design is 799kr. If your order is more than 100.000kr, we waive one day (7hrs) of the total design fee.

Who designs and manufactures the products?

We have extremely talented designers in the fields og product design, interior & exterior design, lighting design, and large installation design, so depending on your needs, we will allocate the ideal designer for your product or project. Because we are an all-in-one solution for design and manufacturing, nothing gets lost in translation, and the process becomes more hassle-free than when splitting up the process between several companies or entities. We have worked with our manufacturers for years, ensuring that products come out as intended.

How long does it take to complete an order, from design to final delivery?

Depending on what you need, some orders can take as little as three days, while other custom-designed products may take about12 weeks from start to delivery. The process and timeline depends on how long you need for the design process, whether you need a physical sample first, how the shipping is timed, or if you have special requests. Contact us to find out what a typical time frame would be for what you are looking to do.

I have a rush order. How fast can I get my products?

We always do everything we possibly can to make rush orders happen as fast as possible. Depending on what you need or how flexible you are with what products are needed for your event or campaign, we can also suggest alternative options that are possibly faster. Although we always recommend for clients to come to us earlier than later in order to have as many options as possible, we have become experts at last-minute orders as well.

Do products and orders have minimum requirements?

Packaging and certain categories of products may have a minimum requirement, but they may not be as big as you think, so contact us to know for sure. Many of our products do not have a minimum, although the price will usually always be increasingly better, the larger the order.

Do you have options that live up to sustainability requirements?

We are very aware of the requirements companies have to live up to, when it comes to their choice production nowadays. We have different options available, depending on your need and timeline. One of our preferred ways to work as a default is to try to find creative product solutions that people want to use and reuse, rather than something to be thrown out, which is what typically happens with merchandize.

If I make a big order, can you help store my products and deliver in batches, when my stock is low?

We often help clients with storage, especially with packaging. We are truly a full-service solution, so contact us to learn more about what we can do to make your life easier.


We are extremely quality aware and have spent years, finding and working with the best manufacturers and production partners within different fields. Depending on your product specifications, we have expert manufacturers for each type of product and/or what materials will be used (e.g. paper, fabric, glass, metal, lighting, large installations, and so on).