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We design and produce exclusive customized products for companies

Founded in 2019. We provide companies with customized products.


We believe customized products level up the experience and makes the experience more memorable.​ These days it is all about getting the consumers attention so they will remember the brand - it is all in the the small details. We have our own production facilities in both Europe and Asia:  This means we are able to assist our clients from the very beginning of the design process and all the way to the delivery of the finished product.


We believe everything is possible and we always find a solution for our clients that fits their exact needs.



Our most important task is always to optimize products and flow for our clients. 

In phase one we help our clients with concept & design development (if needed).

You are also welcome to bring this yourself, in case you have already existing brand guides, poducts ets. 


In phase two production will start. When finished, items can be delivered directly to the client or at our storage facilities from where we also offer pick ans pack solutions. 

Take away/to go product examples:

  • Paper Cups

  • Boxes & Bowls

  • Food paper

  • Paper bags

Reusable product examples:

  • Thermal Bottles

  • Glas & Porcelain

  • Tin & Metal boxes


Our designers is here to help you create the product you need, we can assist you in design, quality, material etc.  


We are always here to help with products in high quality for our clients and to make sure all the details are on point. We are here to assist you.


Send us your idea and we will get back to you.


It is no secret that unboxing is here to stay and we are here to assist you on your next project!


When launching new products or running a product campaign we offer all the below services:


  • Graphic work/set up

  • Product development 

  • Production of custom items

  • Pack, administration & delivery



If it is small or large customized installations, we will help you create the ultimate experience for your guests. 


It can be objects for the entrance, light set ups, lit up installations or branded items to make a wholesome experince.

We produce our large items in Sweden and Asia, and deliver to all of Europe.


When running event project with us we offer everything from design, product development and production to executing the event including set up and take down. 

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