Yacht Collection

A comprehensive and bespoke linen collection for onboard living

The yachting sector is where Beltrami expresses its highest level of personalisation, adapting its textiles to the yacht's project, engineering and architectural requirements and creating bespoke items that enhance the unique characteristics of the most luxurious outdoors. Beltrami’s flexibility translates in bespoke lines for uniquely shaped, recessed, round or entirely un-upholstered beds, bringing together ergonomic, aesthetic and functionality elements. The same can be said for its tableware, which adapts to the peculiarities of console tables, coffee and dining tables designed to make the most of interior space.

Guaranteed quality of all material

05 Copenhagen carefully selects materials of the highest possible quality that guarantee maximum resistance against the humidity and salinity of the marine environment, whilst meeting both aesthetic needs and market evolution requirements. The artisanal care that defines even the details on the towels used inside and outside the yacht, one of the brand’s strong points, is testament to 05 Copenhagen ability to adapt and introduce its products with elegance and style in every context.

The great attention to detail and the quality of the materials used allow the brand to create ideal solutions for sophisticated and elaborate tables for both classic and designer styles.


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