Spa Collection

Personalised solutions for the world's most prestigious spas.

05 Copenhagen guarantees the highest level of customization also for linen dedicated to the most prestigious spas in the world. The elegance and functionality of the products contribute to a better Guest experience in terms of comfort.


05 Copenhagen strength is the attention to detail that enhances the value of accessories, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, for a feeling of absolute wellbeing.

Functionality and quality

05 Copenhagen fabrics are also perfect for spa bed covers, making them comfortable and functional yet elegant and decorative.

The high resistance of the fabrics is also thoroughly tested through industrial washing. The highest quality materials repel dirt, and even the most stubborn stains (oils and creams) are easy to clean. Its craftsmanship, with roots that go far back in time, innovates the exclusive environments of the most prestigious spas in the world. The experience of the brand, in fact, guarantees a customized project that results in the highest degree of adaptability of the fabrics to cover massage beds, combining functionality and aesthetic rigour.

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