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Expertise, professionalism and reliability for the best hotels in the world

Always at the high end of the market, 05 Copenhagen guarantees the utmost customization level of the supplies it manufactures to meet the specific needs of the best hotels in the world, providing a single contact for each project, from the first draft to the delivery.

On the strength of an accurate after-sales service, 05 Copenhagen also offers advice and support in selecting industrial laundry service solutions.

Customer satisfaction is key to the creative process

05 Copenhagen interprets and exalts the identity of the hotel with custom-made fabric solutions that suit any environment.

The focus of the creative process is the Customer with which 05 Copenhagen shares a key objective: the complete satisfaction of the guests that choose the best hotels in the world. The broad and diversified offer also stands out for the continued restocking, available at all times, both in small and large quantities, thanks to the stock of certified yarn and the control of the entire production chain. 05 Copenhagen efficiency is mainly evident in its ability to promptly and effectively meet customers’ requests, from the initial samples to the supply of products.

Thanks to its consolidated network, 05 Copenhagen offers a wide range of textile solutions for hotels worldwide.

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